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The University of Agriculture (UAF), the largest public research university in Pakistan, was established in 1906 as the first major institution of higher agricultural education. UAF is currently ranked 1st in the field of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences in Pakistan, and among the top 150 universities in the world in the fields of Life Sciences and Agriculture.

With a student body of 30,000, and operations across 4 locations in Pakistan (Faisalabad, Toba Tek Singh, Burewala, Depalpur), the university was looking for a Campus Management System for end-to-end student lifecycle management.

Campus on Cloud (CoC) by AlmusNet caters for all UAF requirements by providing a consolidated, fully digitized Campus Management Solution. The university’s multiple, complex policies will be easily synced across campuses. Moreover, CoC’s advanced dashboard analytics with multiple ready-made and customised reporting options will allow UAF to make informed and timely decisions.

City University College of Ajman (CUCA) is a well-known name for higher education in the UAE, providing a holistic learning environment that fosters research, innovation, and personal growth.

CUCA was looking for an implementation partner in order to take its students’ learning activities online. AlmusNet stood out as the most innovative, efficient and flexible solution to their needs by providing a Moodle Learning Management System integration with a fast-track 2 week rollout.

This partnership is aimed to enrich CUCA students’ online learning experience with improved learning outcomes.

Founded in 1986, INTI International University & Colleges are private university colleges based in Malaysia. For over 3 decades, INTI has been at the forefront of higher education.

With 6 campuses and 19,000+ students across Malaysia, INTI was looking for a Student Information System (SIS) to streamline its student life cycle processes. After having explored several SIS solutions, Campus on Cloud stood out to INTI for effectively addressing Admissions, Academics and Student Financials in an integrated manner.

With Campus on Cloud’s intuitive user interface and in-depth data analytics, INTI has been able to transform its administrative, academic and financial functions.

Rehman Medical Institute (RMI), one of the largest tertiary care hospitals in Pakistan has gone live with Online Learning Module of Campus On Cloud

Key features and Services delivered for RMI include the following:

  • Moodle Environment Hosting on Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • RMI’s Instructors, students and enrolled courses imported from CoC into Moodle
  • Upcoming activities and schedules in Personal Calendars
  • E-mail Notifications and Announcements
  • Online Course Contents
  • Online Audio/Video Class Sessions
  • Assignment Formats and submissions
  • Online Exams and formats
  • Assignment and Exams Grading Structure and Marking
  • Moodle Mobile Application
  • E-mail Notifications & Announcements
  • RMI Identity Branding on Admins, Faculty, Student Web Portals and Mobile App
  • Users Security Access and Privileges
  • Train-the-Trainer Trainings

Avicenna Medical College has also selected AlmusNet for its Online Learning Initiative with Moodle and Implementation is underway

Nur Foundation was established in 2005, with the objective of contributing to the social economy of Pakistan. The Foundation has established educational institutions for research, higher education and professional training. These include Fatima Memorial Medical & Dental College (FMHCMD), Nur International University (NIU) and Saida Wahid College of Nursing (SWCON).

Nur Foundation was looking for a student information system (SIS) to manage operations at its education institutions. AlmusNet’s Campus on Cloud proved to be a perfect strategic fit to ensure end-to-end Student lifecycle management. Campus on Cloud’s design excellence and configurable workflows allows Nur Foundation to effectively monitor its administrative, academic and financial processes.

Newbridge Institute is an upcoming educational institution in South Africa with the goal of effectively preparing students for academic, personal and professional success. With a highly experienced and passionate team, the institute will offer a number of degree programs.

Expecting a large number of of interested applicants, Newbridge Institute was actively looking for an advanced Student Information System (SIS) which would address Admissions, Academics and Student Financials in an integrated manner. After thorough review and assessment, the institute opted for Campus on Cloud by AlmusNet as it delivers a state of the art solution for complete student life cycle management.

This decision by Newbridge to adopt Campus on Cloud for its SIS requirement further highlights the confidence of educational institutions in the product.

Educor Holdings (Pty) Ltd. is the largest private education provider in South Africa offering higher, further and vocational education through face-to-face, distance and online learning courses. Founded in 1943, Educor has multiple educational brands across more than 60 campuses worldwide.

With a rapidly growing student body of over 50,000 across several brands, Educor was searching for a consolidated student management system to streamline its administrative, academic and financial operations. After a thorough study of a number of solutions, Educor selected Campus on Cloud by AlmusNet to manage their student lifecycle processes. With Campus on Cloud’s intuitive user interface and in-depth data analytics, Educor will be able to use the platform to take care of its administrative, academic and financial functions.

Atlas Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established by the renowned Atlas Group in 1986. The foundation is playing an major role in the development of centers vocational training across Pakistan.

Recently, Atlas Foundation sponsored a vocational training center in Sheikhupura close to the Atlas Power Plant and Atlas Honda’s manufacturing unit. The center has been established for the underprivileged in alliance with The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF). With plans of expansion to Gujranwala, the Atlas Foundation, wanted a highly sophisticated Student Information System (SIS) to cater to its evolving requirements. After thorough research, Campus on Cloud (CoC) was selected as the most innovative, efficient and secure solution to Atlas Foundation’s needs. CoC would enable the vocational training institute to effectively monitor its administrative, academic and financial functions.

Established in 1987, Lahore College of Arts and Sciences (LACAS) is a reputed private, academic institution with eleven campuses across Lahore and one in Gujranwala. The college delivers education from preschool to secondary level and also offers preparation for international General Certificate of Education (GCE) and Cambridge Advanced-Level (A-Level) examinations.

With multiple campuses, LACAS was looking for a campus management solution which could particularly regulate school specific processes. After extensive study and assessment, the institute decided to opt for CoC as it took care of all its needs. CoC’s Financials Module recently went live and LACAS is now able to smoothly manage its monthly fee voucher generation, billing and customized financial reports.

ETA College is a South African private vocational training institute with 9 global campuses. The acclaimed Continuing Education college is expanding owing to the escalating demand for its online and on-campus fitness sports and recreation modules.

The ever-increasing number of students pushed ETA to look for an advanced Student Information System (SIS) in order to keep up with its growing administrative and academic workload. After comprehensive research and analysis, ETA chose Campus on Cloud (CoC) by AlmusNet.

ETA went live with its Academics on Campus on Cloud (CoC) in June, 2018. The solution has enabled ETA to easily generate customized and detailed student progress reports. Moreover, CoC provides multiple data analysis tools which aid the college in making well-informed decisions.

After successful implementation of Academics, ETA now plans to go live with more advanced features on CoC for its other processes.

For more details about ETA’s Campus of Cloud (CoC) solution, click here