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Online Application

  • Tailor admission requirements and processing for each academic program.
  • Allow applicants to track application status on the internet.
  • Maintain multiple applications for an individual applicant.
  • Let applicants accept or decline admission and pay deposit fees online.
  • Quickly delete a prospect or applicant record entered in error.

Application Processing

  • Track application status for completion using checklists (defined on a per-program basis if required).
  • Support both online and paper applications.
  • Manage supporting documents submitted with applications.
  • Quickly delete a prospect or applicant record entered in error.

Evaluate Applications

  • Setup criteria for evaluating applications (on a per-program basis if required).
  • Support external testing and interview scoring.
  • Generate selection lists based on evaluation criteria.
  • Support multiple models for Admission (pure selection, selection with subjective criteria, baseline admissions).
  • Quick Admit to support online and Continuing Education.

Admission Canvas

  • Comprehensive Applications Analysis and Admission decision making.
  • Competitive applicant comparison based on Eligibility & Merit Criteria.
  • Interviews Scheduling and scores.
  • Seat and Program Preference Management.
  • Individual and Subjective Admission Decision Overrides.
  • Application completeness through Checklists.
  • Admission Offers & Decision Letters.
  • SMS & Email Admissions life cycle Notifications.