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Faculty Portal & Gradebook

See how faculty members can access class information and mark grades

Student Management

Watch a video on how student data is managed in Campus on Cloud

Catalogs and Curriculum

  • Create and apply prerequisites using an extensive array of conditions including GPA, units, courses, and majors.
  • Create auto-enrollment sections.
  • Indicate instructor availability.
  • Link instructors to courses they are qualified to teach, and then track and control their workload automatically.
  • Create course equivalencies and cross-listings.
  • Handle repeated course rules.


  • Let students enroll online in the Student Portal that provides a single entry point for enrollment transactions.
  • Enroll students automatically from waitlists when seats open up.
  • Override or restrict enrollments.
  • View class rosters for enrolled, dropped, or waitlisted students.
  • Produce class schedules for individuals or groups of students.
  • Support a variety of methods for student enrollment.


  • Use absolute or relative grading.
  • Generate grade rosters by class, subject, career, or session.
  • Record final grades.
  • Attach comments to grades to display on transcripts.
  • Use a variety of grading systems (plus/minus, decimal, letter, three-character) in transfer credit processing.
  • View student statistics on a term-by-term basis.

Student Administration

  • Define and track student academic standing, student attributes, student groups, and extracurricular activities.
  • Make one-time grade adjustments, record comments, and recalculate grade point averages and current enrollment.
  • Track all honors and awards. Report awards on all or selected transcript types.
  • Place holds on transcripts and enrollment.
  • Track student attendance and record interactions between students and instructors.

Graduation Processing

  • Program curriculum definition.
  • Rule-based graduation eligibility criteria.
  • Program stats computation such as CGPA, grades, earned credits.
  • Graduation eligibility verification & approvals.
  • Degree Awards.
  • Transcript Generation.