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Case Studies

These Case Studies show how some of the most forward thinking universities and colleges across the world are using Campus on Cloud.

Campus on Cloud transforms

Campus on Cloud transforms

Rehman Medical Institute (RMI) offers academic programs in medicine, dentistry, nursing and other disciplines through four professional colleges. Currently, RMI has 1,000 enrolled students and this number is expected to increase to 2,000 over the next two years.

With plans of expansion that include introducing six more programs, RMI was looking for a world-class Student Information System (SIS) to meet their growing administrative and academic needs that would help them deliver academic excellence in today’s digital era. Campus on Cloud proved to be the answer offering a fully integrated solution that covers all the administrative, academic and financial processes at RMI.

ETA College, is a renowned private single purpose training institute with 9 campuses across the globe. With its head office in Cape Town, South Africa, ETA has been in operation for over 36 years. This Continuing Education college is evolving and expanding in response to the escalating demand for its online and on-campus sports and fitness training modules. With a growing number of students, ETA was in dire need of a Student Information System (SIS) to continue to deliver training excellence. Campus on Cloud was the ideal solution as it equipped ETA College with a fully integrated solution that managed all the admissions, administrative, academic and financial functions.

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The Student Information System is the key component of the digital infrastructure of a modern University.

Campus on Cloud is a Student Information System built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Campus on Cloud delivers rich functionality in a highly secure solution with a stunning user interface. Covering the complete student lifecycle, Campus on Cloud automates the Admissions, Academics and Finance operations across all campuses, schools, departments and programs of the Institute. Campus on Cloud transforms the Higher Education landscape by integrating business processes and analytics in a cloud solution delivered on desktop and mobile.